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"One night (take me) with me (with you) // Stay here (I’ll go) if you can now baby (baby) // I’ll hold (I’ll give) onto (you my) anything (everything) if I have to darling (darling)"

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What are sandwiches?


This started out innocently enough: We wanted to do Sandwich Saturday, a day wherein we ate nothing but sandwiches. Sandwiches for breakfast, little snack sandwiches, etc. and we wanted to make it an annual event.

But what happens when you get a lawyer and a linguist in the same room? They want to define things. I’m writing a legal memo on this and Sharla actually turned this into a project for her master’s program and part of it involves crowdsourcing the question.

With all that said: TUMBLR YOU ARE OUR ONLY HOPE! Take this survey, reblog it, and let us know your thoughts.